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Below are lists of recent OSU publications related to fresh water research.  Each publication has at least one author affiliated with Oregon State University.  Links to publications are also distributed through H2OSU, the campus water newsletter.

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Evans W, Hales B, Strutton PG.  2013.  pCO2 distributions and air–water CO2 fluxes in the Columbia River estuary. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 117:260-272.

OSU authors: Wiley and Hales

González-Pinzón R, Haggerty R.  2013.  An efficient method to estimate processing rates in streams. Water Resources Research. 49(9):6096-6099.

OSU authors: all

Bahador M, Evans TM, Gabr MA.  2013.  Modeling Effect of Geocomposite Drainage Layers on Moisture Distribution and Plastic Deformation of Road Sections. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. 139(9):1407-1418.

OSU author: Evans

Berkelhammer M, Hu J, Bailey A, Noone DC, Still CJ, Barnard H, Gochis D, Hsiao GS, Rahn T, Turnipseed A.  2013.  The nocturnal water cycle in an open-canopy forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 118(17):10,225-10,242.

OSU author: Still

Jarvis TW.  2013.  Water Scarcity: Moving Beyond Indexes to Innovative Institutions. Groundwater. 51(5):663-669.

OSU author: Jarvis

Jarvis TW.  2013.  Water Scarcity: Moving Beyond Indexes to Innovative Institutions. Groundwater. 51(5):663-669.

OSU author: Jarvis

Michalsen MM, Weiss R, King A, Gent D, Medina VF, Istok JD.  2013.  Push-Pull Tests for Estimating RDX and TNT Degradation Rates in Groundwater. GROUNDWATER MONITORING AND REMEDIATION. 33(3):61-68.

OSU author: Istok

Houtz EF, Higgins CP, Field JA, Sedlak DL.  2013.  Persistence of Perfluoroalkyl Acid Precursors in AFFF-Impacted Groundwater and Soil. Environmental Science & Technology. :130725144806004.

OSU author: Field

González-Pinzón R, Haggerty R, Dentz M.  2013.  Scaling and predicting solute transport processes in streams. Water Resources Research. 49(7):4071-4088.

OSU authors: Gonzalez-Pinzon and Haggerty

Jaeger WK, Plantinga AJ, Chang H, Dello K, Grant G, Hulse D, McDonnell JJ, Lancaster S, Moradkhani H, Morzillo AT et al..  2013.  Toward a formal definition of water scarcity in natural-human systems. Water Resources Research. 49(7):4506-4517.

OSU authors: Jaeger, Dello, Grant, Lancaster, Morzillo, Mote, Nolin, Santelmann, and Wu

Joekar-Niasar V, Doster F, Armstrong RT, Wildenschild D, Celia MA.  2013.  Trapping and hysteresis in two-phase flow in porous media: A pore-network study. Water Resources Research. 49(7):4244-4256.

OSU authors: Armstrong and Wildenschild