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Below are lists of recent OSU publications related to fresh water research.  Each publication has at least one author affiliated with Oregon State University.  Links to publications are also distributed through H2OSU, the campus water newsletter.

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Oldroyd HJ, Higgins CW, Huwald H, Selker JS, Parlange MB.  2013.  Thermal diffusivity of seasonal snow determined from temperature profiles. Advances in Water Resources. 55:121-130.

OSU authors: Higgins and Selker

Huettig KD, Chastain TG, Garbacik CJ, Young WC, Wysocki DJ.  2013.  Spring irrigation of tall fescue for seed production. Field Crops Research. 144:297-304.

OSU authors: Chastain, Garbacik, Young, and Wysocki

Hughes J, Krebs EJ, Roundy D.  2013.  A classical density-functional theory for describing water interfaces. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 138(2):024509.

OSU authors: all

Sproles EA, Nolin AW, Rittger K, Painter TH.  2013.  Climate change impacts on maritime mountain snowpack in the Oregon Cascades. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 17(7):2581-2597.

OSU authors: Sproles and Nolin

Castro DMP, Hughes RM, Callisto M.  2013.  Effects of flow fluctuations on the daily and seasonal drift of invertebrates in a tropical river. Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology. 49(3):169-177.

OSU author: Hughes

Ochsner TE, Cosh MH, Cuenca RH, Dorigo WA, Draper CS, Hagimoto Y, Kerr YH, Njoku EG, Small EE, Zreda M.  2013.  State of the Art in Large-Scale Soil Moisture Monitoring. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 77(6):1888.

OSU authors: Cuenca and Hagimoto