Recent Publications by the OSU Water Research Community

Below are lists of recent OSU publications related to fresh water research.  Each publication has at least one author affiliated with Oregon State University.  Links to publications are also distributed through H2OSU, the campus water newsletter.

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Langpap C, Kerkvliet J.  2012.  Endangered species conservation on private land: Assessing the effectiveness of habitat conservation plans. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 64(1):1-15.

OSU authors: all

Green HC, Field KG.  2012.  Sensitive detection of sample interference in environmental qPCR. Water Research. 46(10):3251-3260.

OSU authors: all

Armstrong RT, Wildenschild D.  2012.  Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractional-Wet Systems: A Pore-Scale Investigation. Transport in Porous Media. 92(3):819-835.

OSU authors: Armstrong, Wildenschild

Liu Z, Thorpe SA, Smyth WD.  2012.  Instability and hydraulics of turbulent stratified shear flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 695:235-256.

OSU author: Smyth

Reimer JJ.  2012.  On the economics of virtual water trade. Ecological Economics. 75:135-139.

OSU author: Reimer