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Below are lists of recent OSU publications related to fresh water research.  Each publication has at least one author affiliated with Oregon State University.  Links to publications are also distributed through H2OSU, the campus water newsletter.

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Toman EM, Skaugset AE, Simmons AN.  2014.  Calculating Discharge from Culverts under Inlet Control Using Stage at the Inlet. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 140(2):06013003.

OSU authors: Skaugset and Simmons

Leon AS, Kanashiro EA, Valverde R, Sridhar V.  2014.  Dynamic Framework for Intelligent Control of River Flooding: Case Study. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 140(2):258-268.

OSU authors: Leon and Valverde

Arnon A, Lensky NG, Selker JS.  2014.  High-resolution temperature sensing in the Dead Sea using fiber optics. Water Resources Research. 50(2):1756-1772.

OSU author: Selker

Gray M, Johnson MG, Dragila MI, Kleber M.  2014.  Water uptake in biochars: The roles of porosity and hydrophobicity. Biomass and Bioenergy. 61:196-205.

OSU authors: Gray, Dragila, and Kleber

Burgard DA, Banta-Green C, Field JA.  2014.  Working Upstream: How Far Can You Go with Sewage-Based Drug Epidemiology? Environmental Science & Technology. 48(3):1362-1368.

OSU author: Field

Cuenca R, Ciotti S, Hagimoto Y.  2013.  Application of Landsat to Evaluate Effects of Irrigation Forbearance. Remote Sensing. 5(8):3776-3802.

OSU authors: Cuenca and Hagimoto