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Below are lists of recent OSU publications related to fresh water research.  Each publication has at least one author affiliated with Oregon State University.  Links to publications are also distributed through H2OSU, the campus water newsletter.

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Akay AE, Wing MG, Sessions J.  2014.  Estimating sediment reduction cost for low-volume forest roads using a lidar-derived high-resolution dem. The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering. 9(1):52-57.

OSU authors: Wing and Sessions

Akay AE, Wing MG, Sessions J.  2012.  Estimating structural properties of riparian forests with airborne lidar data. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 33(22):7010-7023.

OSU authors: Wing, Sessions

Anthony SE, Prahl FG, Peterson TD.  2012.  Methane dynamics in the Willamette River, Oregon. Limnology and Oceanography. 57(5):1517-1530.

OSU authors: Anthony, Prahl

Appuhamillage TA, Bokil VA, Thomann E, Waymire E, Wood BD.  2010.  Solute transport across an interface: A Fickian theory for skewness in breakthrough curves. Water Resources Research. 46(7)

OSU Authors: Appuhamillage, Bokil, Thomann, Waymire, Wood