Educational Resources

students-in-the-fieldBelow are links to OSU resources and materials that may be helpful for water educators and students.

  • Willamette River Water Quality Map - A map highlighting water pollution issues in the Willamette Basin. It was updated in 2008 by the Corvallis Environmental Center and the IWW.

  • OSU Extension Watershed Education - An OSU Extension program offering educational sessions and materials to help watershed groups and individuals understand how their watersheds work and apply this knowledge to watershed stewardship on their own land or in their community. 

  • The Oregon Well Water Program - An OSU Extension program designed to help Oregonians protect the groundwater that supplies their drinking water through education. 

  • The Water Well Owner's Handbook from OWRD and OHA provides well owners with essential hydraulics, construction, regulations and maintainance for operating a well. 

  • The Hydroville Curriculum Project - A program providing water-themed educational materials and exercises to K-12 teachers. It is operated by OSU's Environmental Health Sciences Center.

  • The Oregon Explorer Progam - An online digital library that provides natural resources information through a growing series of Web portals.

  • Online Streamflow Tutorial - An interactive guide to performing basic hydrologic evaluations, especially for ungaged sites on small and moderate-size streams. The information and examples are geared toward Oregon, but can be applied to other regions.  The tutorial was developed by OSU graduate students and civil engineering professor Pete Klingeman.

  • Oak Creek Website - Oak Creek is the OSU campus watershed. The University manages about 40% of the basin for multiple uses including: The McDonald-Dunn Experimental Forest, OSU's Dairy and Sheep Centers, stadiums, and the University's urban campus.  This archival website (developed in 2002) contains an annotated bibliography of research in the watershed and other summary information.