Water Community Email Lists

The IWW participates in several e-mail distribution lists for the water-related community at OSU and for water professionals in the state of Oregon. Below is a description of these lists and instructions on how to join.

The OSU Hydro E-mail Lists

These lists receive postings of H2OSU This Week, a newsletter highlighting upcoming seminars and activities; job postings; faculty news and more. The lists are moderated by Hydrophiles, the OSU Graduate Student Water Resources Club and the IWW.

Subscribe to the list that best applies to you:

  • hydro_faculty - includes all faculty and staff (including adjunct/courtesy faculty).  Receives H2OSU plus occasional other posts relevant to OSU faculty and staff.
  • hydro_students - includes both undergraduate and graduate students. Receives H2OSU plus occasional other posts relevant for students.
  • hydro_alumni - OSU hydro alumni who wish to stay in the loop about OSU water happenings.  This list receives the weekly H2OSU, but few other postings.
  • hydro_news - individuals not affiliated with OSU but interested in receiving the weekly H2OSU post.

Note that these are moderated lists and that intent is to consolidate all messages into the one weekly posting of H2OSU This Week.  List members are encouraged to send their announcements to iww@oregonstate.edu rather than post directly to the list. If you have an item that needs to go out right away and it cannot be held until the next edition of H2OSU, you can send it directly to the hydro lists and the moderator will release it to the list.

Please note that during Summer months (July, August, September) H2OSU will halt and the hydro_students and hydro_faculty lists will operate as unmoderated lists.


The Oregon Water List (TOWL)

This list is a moderated listserv designed to disseminate water and related information to the water community across Oregon and others interested in Oregon and related Pacific Northwest water issues. Suitable posts include: announcements of workshops, conferences, and meetings; publications; news items; requests for information; positions available; awards and honors received by list members; and similar messages.

The list is owned and moderated by Michael E. Campana, professor of Geosciences (aquadoc@oregonstate.edu).

To subscribe, visit: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/oregon-water-list

Please observe the following protocols:

  1. The subject line should accurately describe the contents of your message.
  2. Commercial activity (offering goods/services for sale) is expressly forbidden.
  3. Please be judicious in sending attachments, especially ones over 1 Mb.
  4. Posts should be relevant to the Oregon water community and others interested in Oregon and related Pacific Northwest water issues.
  5. Compose your message exactly as you want it posted to the list. The moderator does not modify messages, but just approves them forwards them to the list.
  6. Courtesy is highly valued.