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May 2015



Since 2010, the Institute for Water and Watersheds (IWW) published H2OSU - a weekly news brief designed to improve communications in the Oregon State University water and watersheds community by synthesizing announcements in a single weekly post. The newsletter filled an important niche for water research faculty and students at Oregon State University, but a cursory review of the mainstream media reveals a robust research enterprise by ALL of the universities and their associated research institutes and centers located across Oregon. Yet, there was no “one stop shop” to learn about everything water in Oregon.

Hence, the introduction of the new monthly news brief co-produced by the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) and the Institute for Water and Watersheds (IWW) to celebrate the “remerger” of the two institutes. This is not a new idea – both institutes were at one time under the umbrella of the Center for Water and Environmental Sustainability (CWESt). The INR-IWW will continue their service to statewide natural resources and water-related issues as they have since their formation over 10 years ago but with more of a “nexus” approach to these issues. 

H2Oregon will highlight water resources research from each of the universities and associated campuses (Cascades and Hatfield Marine Science Center), Oregon BEST, Oregon Business Council, among others as the interest in sharing water news grows across Oregon. H2Oregon will also capture Oregon water “in the news” as well as share important milestones in Oregon’s water history.

INR-IWW hopes you enjoy the new format and that you will drop us a message with suggestions on how to improve the newsletter, or simply to share some water news. Thanks for reading.


Oregon Water News


Announcing Oregon's 10-Year Plan Website

The State of Oregon has just released the official data portal for its 10-Year Plan. The site includes indicators about all facets of Oregon, and provides maps and charts to aid in data visualization. Water quality is a big part of the Healthy Environment indicators. 

Visit the site here

Darcy Lecture Series Coming to PSU and OSU

The 2015 Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science is being hosted on May 26th at Portland State University, and on May 27th at Oregon State University. This year's Darcy Lecturer is Dr. Rainer H. Helmig, head of the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems at the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems, University of Stuttgart, Germany. 

More information about Dr. Helmig and the Darcy Lecture Series can be found here. Specific information about the OSU seminar can be found here

"Nature Recovers Quickly After Dam Removals" - OPB Think Out Loud

Dr. Gordon Grant, a research hydrologist at OSU, was featured on a recent episode of the OPB radio show Think Out Loud, in a segment addressing nature's hasty recovery following dam removals. 

Listen to the full segment and read the accompanying article here

Oregon University Water News


Oregon State University

Dr. Aaron Wolf Wins Heinz Award

Aaron Wolf, from the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU, was one of six recipients of the Heinz award this year.

"Dr. Aaron Wolf, professor at Oregon State University, receives the Heinz Award in the Public Policy category for his pioneering leadership in the practice of water diplomacy, which brings science, problem-solving and cultural sensitivity to the mediation of transboundary water conflicts."

Read the full article here.

Stormwater Solutions

Join WRE students Grant Livingston, Chris Conatser, Benton County Natural Resources Coordinator Adam Stebbins, and IWW videographer Gareth Baldrica-Franklin for the inaugural showing of “Stormwater Solutions,” a film highlighting the construction of the OSU-Benton County Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Facility (OSGIR). Grant, Chris, Adam and Gareth will be available for a panel discussion on the project. 
Snacks and drinks provided by a local consulting firm.

Join WRE students Grant Livingston, Chris Conatser, Benton County Natural Resources Coordinator Adam Stebbins, and IWW videographer Gareth Baldrica-Franklin for the inaugural showing of “Stormwater Solutions,” a film highlighting the construction of the OSU-Benton County Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Facility (OSGIR). Grant, Chris, Adam and Gareth will be available for a panel discussion on the project. The film will be shown on May 12th at 4:00 in the OSU Memorial Union.

More details can be found here.


University of Oregon

"A River Between Us" Review by Todd Jarvis

"The highly anticipated newest addition to the Oregon water movie portfolio is making its way downstream to the public. A River Between Us was profiled in The Oregonian and shared with a private audience in late February. But the general public recently had a chance to view at the Ashland Film Festival held in late April, and most recently at the Cinema Pacific Film Festival held in Eugene on May 3."

Read the full review here.


Western Oregon University

Watershed Science at Western Oregon University:  A Unifying Theme for Undergraduate Research and Education

"Faculty and students in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Western Oregon University have actively engaged a 'watershed learning laboratory' model for undergraduate education since 1999.  An interdisciplinary group of faculty from the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Earth/Physical Science use the theme of river systems as a focal point for scholarship, teaching and service as part of their core institutional mission."  

Read the full article here.

Students From WOU Attend Hydrophiles Water Symposium

11 students from ES473, an Environmental Geology class at WOU, had the opportunity to attend the Hydrophiles student water symposium at Oregon State University.

"It was an excellent opportunity for WOU students to experience scientific conference/graduate student culture.  In addition the water-related topics were highly relevant to my Environmental Geology course curriculum." -Steve Taylor


Oregon BEST

 Water Technology Cluster Workshop Update

Building upon the interest to develop a water technology cluster in Oregon, 18 professionals from industry, Oregon State University (OSU), Portland State University (PSU), and Oregon BEST met at the CH2M-Hill Alumni Center in Corvallis to capitalize on the Hydrophiles Water Symposium held on April 27 and 28. The goal of the meeting was to better define themes for a niche in the national network of water technology clusters. Previous exploratory discussions at OSU and PSU indicated a need for industry-academic partnerships in stormwater, irrigation water, and industrial-food process water.  The April meeting indicated future research needs should focus on regulations regarding stormwater, operations and maintenance of stormwater collection and treatment systems, new uses of stormwater for aquifer replenishment, demonstration projects for stormwater and recycled water, and decentralized water and wastewater systems to improve resiliency.  The next scheduled meeting is June 10, 2015 from 9am to 11 am in the Rainer Room of the Admin Building at Portland State University.

Oregon Water History


1915 Bottled Water Fiasco

Oregon State congressmen and senators in January, 1915, faced illness after consuming water from the Bull Run reservoir. Was the water contaminated? Or was there another culprit?

"What shall it profit a man if he be given Bull Run water to drink and find it filled with Willamette river bacilli? That is the query which a number of legislators are asking, and as yet no satisfactory answer is forthcoming." 

Read the full article here.


Recent Oregon Water Publications


Arismendi I, Johnson SL, Dunham JB (2015) Technical Note: Higher-order statistical moments and a procedure that detects potentially anomalous years as two alternative methods describing alterations in continuous environmental data Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 

Hill DF, Bruhis N, Calos SE, Arendt A, Beamer J (02/2015) Spatial and temporal variability of freshwater discharge into the Gulf of Alaska Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

Rieman BE, Smith CL, Naiman RJ, Ruggerone GT, Wood CC, Huntly N, Merrill EN, Alldredge RJ, Bisson PA, Congleton J et al. (03/2015) A Comprehensive Approach for Habitat Restoration in the Columbia Basin Fisheries 

Batchelor JL, Ripple WJ, Wilson TM, Painter LE (4/2015) Restoration of Riparian Areas Following the Removal of Cattle in the Northwestern Great Basin Environmental Management 

Higgins CW, Vache K, Calaf M, Hassanpour E, Parlange MB (04/2015) Wind turbines and water in irrigated areas Agricultural Water Management


Upcoming Oregon Water Events


Managing Stormwater in Oregon May 21, Portland, Oregon

Registration is open for the Managing Stormwater in Oregon conference! Join fellow Oregon water professionals and hear from prominent technical and political experts as they share advice on stormwater management. The theme this year is Industrial Stormwater Management.

For more information, or to register, please visit here.

Funding Opportunities


The Institute for Water and Watersheds is currently updating a database of funding opportunities for water professionals. The database can be found here. Please note that it is under construction. 


Job Opportunities


Dr. Michael Campana, a hydrologist at Oregon State, manages a comprehensive water job database on his WaterWired blog. It is updated weekly. See the most recent job postings here


Edited by Gareth Baldrica-Franklin,  Institute for Water & Watersheds, Oregon State University