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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
(Winter Term, Week 3)

OSU Water Events This Week

Today, Tuesday, January 18, 5-6 pm, Bombs Away Café - HydroHour | HydroHour is a Hydrophiles’ weekly casual gathering of water folks to facilitate community socializing and networking.

Wednesday, January 19, 4-5 pm, ALS 4000 - Fate and Transport of Engineered Nanoparticles | Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Nason, Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering

Thursday, January 20, 2:30-4 pm, Wilkinson 203– Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration (Open House) | Enjoy cake (including a gluten free cake) and beverages in honor of this great American leader.


OSU Water Events Next Week

Monday, January 24, 9-10 am - Removing Dams - Protecting Streamflows - Restoring Rivers: Recent Rogue River dam removals and the status of peak and ecological streamflow protections in Oregon | John DeVoe of WaterWatch | Stream Team Monday Morning Meeting | FMI: Stan Gregory

Monday, January 24, 7-8 pm - Panel Discussion: Bend's Water Options | The Natural Resources program at Oregon State University - Cascades invites the public to a panel discussion to learn the pros and cons of the City of Bend’s Surface Water Project.  The discussion will be facilitated by Matt Shinderman, Ph.D., a senior instructor of Natural Resources at OSU-Cascades.

Wednesday, January 26, 9-11 am, Valley Library 2082 | Financing Your Graduate Education: Grant Searching Workshop | Speakers: Mary Strickroth, Coordinator of Graduate Services, OSU Graduate School; Valery King, Social Sciences/Government Information Librarian, Valley Library

Saturday and Sunday, January 29-30 - 24th Annual Biology Graduate Student Symposium, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon.  Hydrophile Jay Zarnetske notes, "Despite the title, it is usually a very interdisciplinary symposium that offers a great opportunity to present research to a welcoming peer-oriented audience...and there is a great party afterwards too!"


Water Community Announcements

Request for Temporary Housing: Visiting Soil Physicists from Denmark
Two soil physicists (a PhD candidate and a senior scientist) are visiting during the first three weeks of March and are looking for temporary housing. Please contact Dorthe Wildenschild if you know of a spot that could accomodate them.  

Snowshoe Trip with Hydrophiles on February 6!
Come explore Oregon's winter wonderland with your friends and peers on a snowshoe day trip. Hydrophiles will be going to Salt Creek Falls in Oakridge, OR. They will leave at around 8 am, since it is a two-hour drive, and everyone should bring a packed lunch. Coolers will be provided to store lunches, snacks, and beverages. And don't worry if you have never snowshoed before, it is very easy to get the hang of it! It's basically hiking on snow.  Snowshoes can be rented from Dixon Outdoor Recreation Center or Peak Sports on Saturday February 5th at very reasonable prices.  Email Stef at elorriae@engr.orst.edu if you are interested and if you can help with the carpooling.

Call for Posters for multi-state exempt well specialty conference
Topics that will be considered for inclusion in the conference agenda are any issues associated with the development or management of exempt wells.  The conference will be held May 17-18 in Walla Walla, Washington.  Abstracts needed by late February.  FMI: contact Todd Jarvis.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day!
We hope you enjoyed the holiday and took a moment to reflect on Dr. King's life.  Connect with groups that can help you live out Dr. King's legacy of community service at the Non-Profit and Volunteer Expo, hosted by Career Services and The OSU Community Service Center, this Thursday, January 20, from 1 to 4 in the MU Ballroom.

OSU Welcomes Dr. Leon, new faculty member in Water Resources Engineering


 Dr. Arturo Leon is a new Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University in the area of Water Resources Engineering. Arturo is originally from Peru, where He earned his B.S in Civil Engineering and his M.S. in Hydraulic Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2007. His areas of research include Real-time control of complex hydraulic systems, transient flows, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. Arturo has developed various mathematical and numerical models, among them the open source code Illinois Transient Model (ITM), the Illinois Hydraulic Conveyance Analysis Program (ICAP), the Street Flooding Model (SFM) and the River Simulation and Optimization Couple Model (RSOCM). The RSOCM model is intended for the intelligent control of complex regulated river systems, such as those that have multiple reservoirs, have multiple objectives and in which the flow dynamics of the system is of particular interest.  Read more about Arturo on his website

The IWW and the hydro community extend a warm welcome to Arturo!


 OSU Water in the News

The Willamette River Project: Changing Course (Albany Democrat Herald 01/15/2011)

Willamette River"Every 40 years or so, we all come together and try to save the Willamette," said Stan Gregory, an Oregon State University stream ecologist who has devoted much of his career to studying the critical environmental challenges facing the state's most beloved waterway.

Leading the charge this time around is the Willamette Special Investment Partnership, which pairs the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, a state agency funded by a dedicated share of lottery revenues, and the Meyer Memorial Trust, one of the largest charitable foundations in the Northwest.


Recent OSU Water Publications

(one or more authors is affiliated with OSU)

Graham, CB, van Verseveld W, Barnard HR, McDonnell JJ (12/2010) Estimating the deep seepage component of the hillslope and catchment water balance within a measurement uncertainty framework Hydrological Processes Abstract. OSU Authors: McDonnell

James, AL, McDonnell JJ, Tromp-van Meerveld I, Peters NE (12/2010) Gypsies in the palace: experimentalist's view on the use of 3-D physics-based simulation of hillslope hydrological response Hydrological Processes Abstract. OSU Authors: McDonnell

Ray, RA, Rossignol PA, Bartholomew JL (12/2010) Mortality threshold for juvenile Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha in an epidemiological model of Ceratomyxa shasta Diseases of Aquatic Organisms Abstract. OSU Authors: Ray, Rossignol, Bartholomew

Lajtha, K, Baveye PC (12/2010) How should we deal with the growing peer-review problem? Biogeochemistry Abstract. OSU Authors: Lajtha

Porter, ML, Wildenschild D.  2010.  Image analysis algorithms for estimating porous media multiphase flow variables from computed microtomography data: a validation study. Computational Geosciences. 14(1):15-30. Abstract. OSU authors: Porter, Wildenschild

Porter, ML, Wildenschild D, Grant G, Gerhard JI.  2010.  Measurement and prediction of the relationship between capillary pressure, saturation, and interfacial area in a NAPL-water-glass bead system. Water Resources Research. 46(8).  Abstract. OSU authors: Porter, Wildenschild

Terwilliger, MR, Reece T, Markle DF.  2010.  Historic and recent age structure and growth of endangered Lost River and shortnose suckers in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 89(3-4):239-252. Abstract. OSU Authors: Terwilliger, Reece, Markle


For Faculty: Funding Opportunities

(listed by due date)

NGO: Mazamas Research Grant Funding 01/28/2011

NSF: Earth Sciences: Instrumentation and Facilities 02/09/2011

NOAA: West Coast regional call for proposals: social science research (LOI: 02/22/2011) 03/15/2011

NSF: Catalyzing New International Collaborations 03/01/2011

NSF: Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) - Environmental Sustainability 03/03/2011  

NSF: Environmental Health and Safety of Nanotechnology 03/03/2011  

NSF: Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET) - Fluid Dynamics 03/03/2011  

 NSF: Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems: Biosensing 03/03/2011  

USDA: NIFA Disaster Resilience for Rural Communities 03/04/2011

New! USDOD: Environmental Security Technology Certification Program 03/08/2011 There is a webinar about this funding opportunity on January 20. 

(Visit the IWW funding database for more funding links...)


For Students: Funding Opportunities

Mazamas Research Grant Funding 01/28/2011

NRC: Graduate, Postdoctoral and Senior Research Awards 2/1/2011

PhD openings in Climate Change, Freshwater Ecology, Colorado State University 1/31/2011

PhD candidate (hydrologic fluxes in the Sonoran Desert), Colorado State University FMI: Dr. Stephanie Kampf (SKampf@warnercnr.colostate.edu) and Dr. David Cooper (David.Cooper@colostate.edu).

 PhD Studentships at the University of Birmingham, UK 01/31/2011

 Foundation: SMART: 11 PhD fellowships for interdisciplinary research in River Science 01/31/2011

 OSU Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards 01/31/2011

New! USDOE: Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program 01/31/2011

 New! NGO: National Center for Atmospheric Research - SOARS Program 02/01/2011

 NPS: George Melendez Wright Climate Change Fellowship Program 02/04/2011

 Interdisciplinary PhD Fellowships, University of Florida Water Institute 02/11/2011

New! USEPA: ITEP Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals - Summer Student Internship Program 02/15/2011

New! NGO: Society of Women Engineers Scholarships 02/15/2011

New! NSF: Clarkson University REU - Environmental Sciences and Engineering 03/01/2011   

NSF: Undergraduate Research at the Passaic River Institute of Montclaire State University 03/20/2011

New! DISCCRS VI: Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium (for recent PhD students) 3/07/2011 | Little cost to participants -- airfare and on-site expenses will be supported through grants from NSF and NASA!


Job Opportunities

(All New!)

Transition Roadmap Preparation Project Coordinator, Mekong River Commission (Vientiane, Lao PDR) (closing, 1/25/2011)

Postdoctoral Positions (EPA-ORD/NHEERL-WED-2011-01 & -02), USEPA (Corvallis, Oregon) (open until filled) Link 1; Link 2

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Hydrogeology / Hydrology Cal Poly Pomona, Geological Sciences Department (initial screening begins 1/17/11)

Watershed Restoration Coordinator for the John Day Basin, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs (Warm Springs, Oregon) (closing 2/4/11)

Other Related Campus Events

January 20, 1 - 4 p.m. - Non-Profit and Volunteer Expo, hosted by Career Services and The OSU Community Service Center | MU Ballroom


Regional Events and Conferences

February 1-3 - 10th Annual Stream Restoration Symosium | River Restoration Northwest | Stevenson, WA

March 21-24 - SIAM Mathematical & Computational Issues in the Geosciences | Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center, Long Beach, CA

April 3-7, 2011 - The 2011 US-IALE Annual Symposium: Sustainability in Dynamic Landscapes | Portland Downtown Hilton, Portland, OR

May 17-18 - Exempt Wells: Problems and Approaches in the Northwest | Marcus Whitman Hotel, Walla Wall, WA

May 24-25, 2011 - 2011 Oregon Water Conference: Evaluating and Managing Water Resources in a Climate of Uncertainty | Corvallis, OR | Convened by the Oregon Section of the American Water Resources Association (ORAWRA) and the Oregon Chapter of the American Institute of Hydrology | Abstracts due 1/31/11.


National and International Events and Conferences

July 12-14 - UCOWR/NIWR Conference Planning for Tomorrow’s Water: Snowpack, Aquifers, and Reservoirs | Speakers: Steve Soloman, author of “Water, the Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization”; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Mike Conner; Tom Iseman, Director of Water Policy for the Western Governors’ Association; Robert Pietrowsky, Director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources | Call for Papers deadline: 1/20/2011 | Boulder, Colorado

September 6 - 8 - 7th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics (RCEM) | Deadline for abstract submission: 1/31/2011 | Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

New! October 22-29 - DISCCRS VI: Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium | La Foret Conference and Retreat Center, Colorado Springs, CO | Application Deadline: 3/07/2011 | Airfare and on-site expenses will be supported through grants from NSF and NASA


Other Items of Interest

 (None this week)