H2OSU - September 27, 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010
(Fall Term - Week 1)


OSU Water Events This Week

Tuesday, September 28, noon-1 p.m., ALS 3096 - Geomorphology Brown Bag, a forum for constructive feedback on advances in student (and faculty) research in geomorphology.

Tuesday, September 28, 5-6 p.m., Bombs Away Cafe - HydroHour - a weekly casual gathering of water folks to facilitate community socializing and networking.

Wednesday, September 29, 4-5:20 p.m., Owen 106 - Fall Water Resources Seminar Series | International Waters and Climate Change | Speaker: Dr. Aaron Wolf, Professor and Chair, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University | Students can enroll in the weekly seminar series for credit.


Water Community Announcements

H2OSU Returns to Weekly Distribution

With the start of the Fall term, H2OSU resumes weekly distribution and the Hydrophiles Listservs (hydro_faculty, hydro_students) return to a moderated format. Please send announcements relevant to the OSU water community to iww@oregonstate.edu and we will merge them into a single weekly post.

New to OSU and want to join the hydro email lists? More information is on the IWW website.


Please Welcome IWW's Distinguished Fellows

Tim Burt with his American grandson.
Tim Burt with his American grandson.

The Institute for Water and Watersheds is pleased to have two special visitors on campus this Fall.

Dr. Tim Burt is Master of Hatfield College and Professor of Geography at Durham University, UK. He has been researching aspects of hydrology, geomorphology and climate change since the mid-1970s. While at OSU he will be working with Professor Jeff McDonnell on a range of topics including the analysis of long-term hydrological data from the H J Andrews watersheds and a textbook on hillslope hydrology. He also hopes to complete analysis of some long (many decades) records of nitrate concentrations in English rivers and his compilation of daily rainfall data from the 1820s for the Radcliffe Observatory at Oxford University, possibly the longest such record in existence.

Please come and meet Tim when he presents a seminar later this term.



Tim Burt with his American grandson.
Greg Hancock and his family in Salem.


Dr. Greg Hancock is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research interests are in the long-term dynamics of geomorphic systems and the interactions between landscape geomorphology, hydrology and erosion. He has extensively tested and used soil erosion and landform evolution models for both theoretical and applied situations such as mine sites. Greg is working with Professor Jeff McDonnell and team examining the sediment transport and landscape stability of mine sites in the USA. He is also examining the role of catastrophic events such as hurricanes and consequences such as tree-throw in altering hydrology and geomorphology and triggering landscape change.

Greg will present a seminar on October 26 (noon) in Richardson, 107, Rebuilding disturbed landscapes - How computer models can aid environmental rehabilitation.



Next Wednesday (Oct 6) is the annual Hydrophiles Fall BBQ

Join students, faculty, friends and family of the OSU water community from 6:30 pm to ~9:30 pm - at the Maple Grove Shelter in Avery Park. Basic drinks and food (non-vegetarian and vegetarian burgers, sides, salads, and more) will be provided. Please bring a side-dish to share and your own reusable cup and plate (but extra cups and plates available just in-case). Please bring musical instruments and outdoor games to play.  Family are welcome!


A Few Openings Are Available for an Undergraduate Field Course in Chile

From January 2nd – 15th, 2011, John Selker is leading an international undergraduate field hydrology course focusing on micro-basin scale hydrologic characterization techniques. The course will be held in the environs of Chillan, Chile (approximately 400 km south of Santiago). Students will be housed with local host families, giving them the opportunity to gain Spanish language skills and immerse themselves in the Chilean culture. Some scholarship funds available! Applications due October 15, 2010.


Running Water

Sunday witnessed the Selker Lab vs McDonnell Lab fun run challenge at the Corvallis Fall Festival. Surprisingly, given the fact that the average time of the McDonnell Group was longer than any one time of the Selker Group, McDonnell claims to have crushed Team-Selker (this claim apparently comes after the scores were normalized by runner body mass index and total number of orthopedic surgeries (source: Luke Pangle).

Race photo.
Some of the hydro fun runners.

A few of the notable times from the 9-member McD team (pictured in the accompanying photo) included: Greg Hancock third in his age group, Frank Schnekenburger first in his age group and sixth overall,  Mathias Goeckede second in his age group and tenth overall. The Selker lab had a strong showing with Daniel Moreno coming in #14 overall; Tara O'Donnell coming in #3 among all women, and #18 overall; Desiree Tullos coming in #1 for her age group, #23 overall; and even John Selker (sporting hot pink and distracting the competition) coming in #3 for his age group!


OSU Water in the News

OSU a leader in second national climate change center (OSU News & Research Communications, 9/23/10)

OSU, partners to launch NOAA regional climate consortium (OSU News & Research Communications, 9/22/10)


Recent OSU Water Publications

(one or more authors is affiliated with OSU)

Gosnell, H, Kelly E C.  2010.  Peace on the River? Social-Ecological Restoration and Large Dam Removal in the Klamath Basin, USA Water Alternatives. 3(2):361-383.

Lytle, D, Martínez-Muñoz G, Zhang W, Larios N, Shapiro L, Paasch R, Moldenke A, Mortensen EN, Todorovic S, Dietterich TG.  2010.  Automated processing and identification of benthic invertebrate samples. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 29(3):867-874.

Porter, ML, Wildenschild D.  2010.  Image analysis algorithms for estimating porous media multiphase flow variables from computed microtomography data: a validation study. Computational Geosciences. 14(1):15-30.

Surfleet, CG, Skaugset AE, McDonnell JJ.  2010.  Uncertainty assessment of forest road modeling with the Distributed Hydrology Soil Vegetation Model (DHSVM). Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40(7):1397-1409.

Tullos, D, Brown PH, Kibler K, Magee D, Tilt B, Wolf A.  2010.  Perspectives on the salience and magnitude of dam impacts for hydro development scenarios in China . Water Alternatives. 3(2):71-90.

Whittier, TR, Van Sickle J.  2010.  Macroinvertebrate tolerance values and an assemblage tolerance index (ATI) for western USA streams and rivers. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 29(3):852-866.


For Faculty: Funding Opportunities

(listed by due date)

NOAA: National Weather Service 2010 Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research (CSTAR) 10/15/2010

Evaluating Stream Restoration Projects in the Sprague River Basin 10/15/2010

OSU Research Equipment Reserve Fund for Fall 2010 10/25/2010

NSF: Discovery Research K-12 (DR K-12) (LOI: 11/05/2010) 01/06/2011

NSF: Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants in the Directorate for Biological Sciences (DDIG) 11/19/2010

NSF: Environmental Chemical Sciences (ECS) 11/30/2010


For Students: Funding Opportunities

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (proposals due 10/19/10)

CUAHSI 2010 Pathfinder Graduate Student Fellowships to Support Multi-site Research in Hydrology (aps due 11/1/10)

Fall 2011 EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study (aps due 11/05/10) (includes many water-related areas)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (applications due in November)

Funding for airborne laser swath mapping (ALSM) of graduate student research areas by National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) (aps due 11/1/10)

2011 American Society of Microbiology Scientific Writing and Publishing Institute (aps due 12/1/10)

DOD Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program (aps due 12/1/10)

2011 EPA Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships For Undergraduate Environmental Study (aps due 12/9/10)

8th Annual USEPA P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet (proposals due 12/22/10)

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) (aps due 12/17/10)

Research Assistantships, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (stormwater management on ecosystem function in urban watersheds)

Top 10 College Women Competition, Glamour Magazine ($5000) (aps due 12/1/10)


Job Opportunities

Executive Director, Tahoe Science Consortium (TSC) (closing 10/1/10)

Groundwater Scientist, USGS, Portland (vacancy #WR-2010-0544) (closing 10/1/10)

Post_Docs (2 positions), Loughborough University, UK The development of structure in coarse-grained river bed sediments: the key to predicting near-bed flow hydraulics and sediment flux (closing 10/5/10)

Professor of Urban Water Systems Ref: G466, Newcastle University, UK (closing 10/12/10)

Willis Research Fellow in Rainfall Extremes Ref: G470, Newcastle University, UK (closing 10/12/10)

Faculty in Biogeomorphology and Microclimatology (2 positions), University of Kentucky (closing 11/1/10)

Assistant Professor, Hydrogeology – University of Wisconsin – Madison (closing 11/15/10)

Intern (QAQC of LiDAR data and rectifying thermal data), Watershed Sciences, Corvallis

Post-Doc, Michigan Tech, NSF-funded water sustainability project, FMI: Tom Pypker (tgpypker@mtu.edu)

S.V. Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowships in Natural Resource Economics, UC-Berkeley (aps due 12/10/10)

Assistant Professor, climate change and biological diversity, University of Oklahoma (review begins 12/15/10)


Other Items of Interest

The City of Corvallis Stormwater Program has a limited number of Streamside Plant Grants for people interested in being stewards of a local waterway. Applications due October 15. FMI: Gwenn Kubeck at 541-766-6916 or email gwenn.kubeck@ci.corvallis.or.us


Other Upcoming Campus Events

1 credit grad course this fall: Responsible Conduct of Research (IST 520X CRN Number: 18171; Thursdays, 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm) Instructors: Courtney Campbell, Steve Durkee, Martin Fisk, Rich Holdren, Lisa Leventhal, Craig Marcus, Jeffrey McDonnell, Nicole Wolf and Dawn Wright.

October 6, 4:00-5:20 p.m., Owen 106 - Fall Water Resources Seminar: Water Reallocation: Challenges and Opportunities | Speaker: Gail Achterman, Director, Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University


Regional Events and Conferences

Monday, September 27 - Marys River Watershed Council Annual Meeting | 6:30-8:30 p.m., Main Meeting Room, Corvallis-Benton Public Library

September 30 through October 7 - USACE Open Houses on 2010-2011 Winter Season Modified Operations for Willamette Valley Project

Friday, October 1 - Third Annual Water 1st – Beer 2nd

October 9 - Northwest Water Law Symposium (NW-WLS)

October 9, 10-4 p.m. - Kids Day for Conservation, hands-on natural resource education event | Volunteer opportunites available! | Benton County Fairgrounds, Corvallis

October 20 - 14th Annual WA/OR Climate and Water Meeting: 2011 Water Year | Vancouver, WA

November 7-9 - The 2nd Annual Symposium on Transboundary River Governance in The Face of Uncertainty: The Columbia River Treaty, 2014

November 15 - Managing for Uncertainty: Climate Change Models May be WRONG, but They ARE Useful, A workshop for natural resource extension educators | LaSells Stewart Center

November 15-17 - 2010 Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Conference Pendleton, Oregon.

December 6, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. - Oregon Water Utilities Council’s 2010 Legislative Symposium Meeting Oregon’s Water Needs | Salem


National and International Events and Conferences

Friday, October 1, 3 p.m. ET - CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Mark Green, Plymouth State University | Extracting characteristic hydrologic patterns from many catchments: the case of stream water total nitrogen to total phosphorus ratios

November 12, 3 p.m. ET - CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Thorsten Wagener, Pennsylvania State University | Hydrologic Similarity and the Search for a Catchment Classification Framework