OSU Water Day

The Water Resources Graduate Program (WRGP) and the Institute for Water and Watersheds are sponsoring the first annual OSU Water Day on Tuesday May 17, 2011 in Wilkinson 203.  The event is a chance for OSU water resources graduate students to present their research to each other and to the broader community.  Please contact Cally Whitman or Mousa Diabat for more information about OSU Water Day and registration information.

OSU Water Day will also include the Awards Luncheon of the WRGP (12:00-1:20 pm). For more information about the awards luncheon, please contact Mary Santelmann.

OSU Water Day Agenda with links to available abstracts.

Time Name Program Title
8:00 am Refreshments    
8:20 am Scott Allen WRS Topography-driven variabilty in interception loss in a small, steep basin
8:40 am Michelle Jordan WRS Influence of hydraulics and streamflow regime on the habitiat os Manayunkia speciosa, the definative host of the salmonid parasite Ceratomyxa shasta.
9:00 am Rachel LovellFord WRS Relationship between coho salmon (Oncorhynchuskisutch) upstream run-timing, discharge, and temperature.
9:20 am Jay Charland WRE Applying Energetics to the Analysis of Salmonid Movement in River Systems in the Pacific Northwest
9:40 am Vera Pfeiffer GEOG Spatial and temporal variation in meadow moisture, phenology, and pollination
10:00 am Pat Burns WRS Calibration and Assessment of a Hydrologic Model for Predicting Dry Season Streamflow in a Glacierized Basin in the Peruvian Andes
10:20 am Morgan Crowell WRS Traditional Groundwater Delivery Systems: Preserving water technologies of the past to meet the water needs of the future
10:40 am Eric Sproles WRS Characterizing rain/snow partitioning in mountain watersheds for present-day and future projected climates
11:00 am Dan Calvert ENV.SCI Oregon Watershed Councils and Stakeholder Engagement: Measuring Success
11:20 am Alison Doniger WRS Irrigation Criteria for the Cultivation of Veratrum californicum
11:40 am Eduardo Guerrero GEOL Quantification of the landscape evolution over a mantle plume:  Timing late Quaternary uplift and deformation related to  the Yellowstone hot spot
12:00 pm Water Resources Graduate Program Awards Luncheon
1:20 pm Mark Ingman WRPM Chinese peasant farmer perceptions of water conservation technology in agriculture
1:40 pm Kim Ogren WPRM Incentives and Disincentives for Conflict Prevention and Mitigation in the Bureau of Reclamation’s Water Management
2:00 pm Julie Watson WPRM A River Won: Facilitating Cooperative Negotiation of Transboundary Water Resource Management in the Columbia River Basin through Documentary Film 
2:20 pm Kelly Kibler WRE China's renewable energy futures: ecological footprints of large and small hydropower development in Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province
2:40 pm Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon WRE A Novel Approach to Integrate Solute Transport, Stream Metabolism and Nutrient Retention, using the Bio-Reactive Tracer Resazurin
3:00 pm T. J. WRE Quantifying surface transient storage in streams: Residence times from stream geomorphology, velocity and computational fluid dynamics
3:20 pm Anthony Coleman WRS Determining the Relationship between Residence Time Distributions in Dead Zones and Corresponding Physical Characteristics
3:40 pm Phil Neuman WRS Groundwater modeling and the Willamette Water 2100 project
4:00 pm Carole Abourached WRE Effect of heavy metals on power production by microbial fuel cells
4:20 pm Stavros Calos WRE Estimating Precipitation, Temperature, and Runoff in Alaska and Western Canada