Update, December 11, 2008: The Oregon Statewide Water Roundtables Synthesis Report is now available.

Convened by:

OSU Institute for Water and Watersheds,
Oregon Sea Grant Extension,
OUS Institute for Natural Resources and the
Oregon House Committee on Energy and the Environment


Oregon is one of only two western states that lacks a long-term water supply plan.  As we prepare to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Oregon’s water code in 2009, many different parties, including the Governor’s Office, the Oregon Legislature, the Oregon Water Resources Commission, Oregon businesses, local governments, environmental organizations, agricultural interests, and the Oregon University System are involved in developing a vision for Oregon’s water resources.  To achieve that vision will require, among other things, policy, regulatory, infrastructure investment, community empowerment, and funding mechanisms. 

The mission of the Statewide Water Roundtables is to receive input and advice from Oregonians and develop information that will inform efforts to identify and communicate a vision describing where Oregon is, where Oregon is going, and where Oregonians want to be with respect to adaptive, integrated, equitable, and sustainable water management.

Roundtable Objectives, Locations, and Dates

Public forums will be held during Fall 2008 to identify vision elements, priority issues, possible solutions, and goals for near-term (5 years), mid-term (10-15 years) and long-term (>30 years) water management.

Locations are:

Anticipated Outcomes


Attendance at the Roundtables is free of charge. Funds are being solicited from a variety of organizations and sponsors. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please contact Michael E. Campana (aquadoc@oregonstate.edu; or call 541-737-2413).