Spring 2011 Hydrology Seminar Series

The theme for the 2011 Seminar Series is "Climate Impacts on Freshwater: Interdisciplinary Perspectives".  The series is sponsored by the Institute for Water and Watersheds, the USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, the Water Resources Graduate Program, and Hydrologic Engineering, Inc.

You can download and print the spring seminar series flyer with details of speakers and seminar dates. 

The series meets Wednesdays, 4-5:30 pm, starting March 30, in ALS 4000. 

Students can enroll for credit (WRS 507) and sign up for the journal club (WRS 505; Wednesday, 12-12:50 pm) for additional credit.  

Video recordings of each seminar will be available on this page and OSU Media Manager (about a week after each seminar) -- check back here for updates.


March 30 - Urgency and uncertainties: Some ramifications of climate change | John Wiens, Point Reyes Bird Observatory


April 6 - Water futures and the perfect storm: Implications for the Canadian prairies | Howard Wheater, University of  Saskatchewan


April 13 - Unanswered questions in predicting the hydrologic impacts of climate change | Dennis Lettenmaier, University of Washington


April 20 - Streamflow, floods and climate change | Robert Hirsch, US Geological Survey


April 27 - A mechanistic framework for projecting riverine ecological responses to hydroclimatic change | LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University


May 4 - Glacier change and the future of alpine water resources | Andrew Fountain, Portland State University


May 11 - Water economics and climate change: The California experience | David Sunding, University of California-Berkeley David Sunding was called to testify before Congress and canceled his visit to OSU.  William Jaeger, OSU Agricultural and Resource Economics gave a seminar in his place.


May 18 - Water management, knowledge and adaptation: Tensions, legacies and the next best thing | Maria Carmen Lemos, University of Michigan


May 25 - A superensemble of regional climate model futures | Philip Mote, Oregon Climate Change Research Center


June 1 - Dooge Memorial Lecture - How to Solve It - A tribute to Jim Dooge, a pioneer in water systems analysis | Philip O'Kane, University of College Cork, Ireland