Water Science

Late-time drainage from a sloping Boussinesq aquifer

Bogaart PW, Rupp DE, Selker JS, van der Velde Y.  2013.  Late-time drainage from a sloping Boussinesq aquifer. Water Resources Research. 49(11):7498-7507.

New Research Video Tutorial on Creating 3D Models from Digital Photos

H2OSU: January 13, 2014

Master’s student Jon Sanfilippo recently completed a short, informative video on Agisoft technology. Read more about the motivations behind the project below. Click here to watch the video!

In an era of ever evolving technology, we are always looking for new ways to obtain better data for research; Agisoft (http://www.agisoft.ru/products/photoscan) presents a unique opportunity for just that.  The program makes use of digital photographs that can be translated into a 3 dimensional model.  In the study of streams and stream morphology, the current methods used for resolving bed topography and stream bed roughness have included auto levels, total stations, Wolman pebble counts, and potentially green LiDar (very expensive).  Agisoft in the right situation, low turbidity and shallow water, can resolve bed formations, topography, and roughness with a water proof camera, a reasonably priced software package, and for larger areas a glass bottom viewer. 


Are all runoff processes the same?

McDonnell JJ.  2013.  Are all runoff processes the same? Hydrological Processes. 27(26):4103-4111.

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groundwater and vegetation relationships in arid environments

The nocturnal water cycle in an open-canopy forest

Berkelhammer M, Hu J, Bailey A, Noone DC, Still CJ, Barnard H, Gochis D, Hsiao GS, Rahn T, Turnipseed A.  2013.  The nocturnal water cycle in an open-canopy forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 118(17):10,225-10,242.