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Below is a collection of accomplishments by OSU water faculty and students. These items are also posted in H2OSU, the weekly campus water newsletter. To add to this list, please email


Water Resources Graduate Program 2011 Newsletter Available (06/29/2011)

This first edition newsletter includes highlights about the hydrophiles club, alumni, faculty and program news and a note from the WRGP program director, Dr. Mary Santelmann.  Link to the full edition on the WRGP website.

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IWW Welcomes Visiting Fellow Dr. Keith Smettem (06/06/2011)

Dr. Smettem is Professor of Environmental Systems Engineering at the University of Western Australia and is Research Director of the Centre for Ecohydrology. His research interests focus on identifying impacts of land use change and vegetative feedbacks on ecohydrologic processes. He also has a long history of research dealing with measurement and characterization of soil hydraulic properties and is currently working on wireless sensor techniques for measuring solutes in soils.

Dr. Smettem will be on the OSU campus until early August working with Professor Jeff McDonnell's group studying catchment runoff behavior, and with Professor Dick Waring on a project using MODIS data to identify climate impacts on forests in south-west Australia. Dr. Smettem will give a lecture later this summer entitled, "Using Carbon Reforestation for Water and Environmental Restoration".

IWW Fellows are senior academics visiting Oregon State University to conduct research and engage with OSU's faculty and students. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Smettem to campus!

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2011 Water Resources Graduate Program Awards Winners Announced (05/24/2011)

On May 17 the Water Resources Graduate Program held its first annual OSU Water Day to celebrate student research and accomplishments of the OSU water community.  Twenty one students gave presentations about their research and the program held its annual awards luncheon.  Thanks go out to Mousa Diabat, Cally Whitman, and Elena Maus for the superb planning and execution of the event!

At the awards luncheon, Mary Santelmann announced and congratulated the 2011 Water Resources Program Awards winners:

  • Hydrophiles Vice President, Racquel Rancier (MS WRPM) received the Alumni Award, which in addition to a certificate and the honor of being the award recipient, provides the recipient with a $250 scholarship.
  • Eric Foster-Moore (MS WRPM) received the Faculty Excellence Award, which in addition to a certificate and the honor of being the award recipient, provides the recipient with a $500 scholarship.
  • Cody Hale (PhD WRS) is the 2011 recipient of the Williamson Water Prize, which in addition to a certificate and the honor of being the award recipient, provides the recipient with a $500 scholarship.

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OSU Water Day Planned for May 17 (05/11/2011)

The Water Resources Graduate Program (WRGP) and the Institute for Water and Watersheds are sponsoring the first annual OSU Water Day on Tuesday May 17, 2011 in Wilkinson 203.  The event is a chance for OSU water resources graduate students to present their research to each other and to the broader community. Please contact Cally Whitman or Mousa Diabat for more information about OSU Water Day and registration information.

OSU Water Day will also include the Awards Luncheon of the WRGP (12:00-1:20 pm). For more information about the awards luncheon, please contact Mary Santelmann.


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IWW and Geosciences welcome Richard Maganck to Campus (05/02/2011)

The Institute for Water and Watersheds and the OSU Department of Geosciences are pleased to welcome Dr. Richard A. Meganck to OSU as an International Program Leader for the IWW.  While at OSU, Dr. Maganck is on assignment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (UNESCO-ICIWaRM). Dr. Maganck brings a wealth of knowledge in international development and water resources education to OSU.  From 2003 until 2009 he was rector and professor of the United Nations Institute for Water Education, UNESCO-IHE in the Netherlands.  Dr. Maganck’s career also includes dozens of natural resources and economic development missions to more than 100 countries around the world. Dr. Maganck received his PhD from OSU in 1974.  Please welcome Dr. Maganck to OSU at a brown-bag luncheon on Friday, May 6, noon – 1 pm, Wilkinson 203.  RSVP to Todd Jarvis for lunch.

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Water Resources Science Student Receives Prestigious Post-Doc (04/25/2011)

Jay Zarnetske, a PhD candidate in Water Resources Science, is a recipient of the 2011-2013 Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University.  He will be working with Dr. Peter Raymond and Dr. James Saiers at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.  His proposal was titled "Flow regime controls on river nitrogen and carbon export under past, present, and future climate conditions". Jay is completing his PhD in Water Resources Science with committee members Roy Haggerty (chair), Steven Wondzell, Stanley Gregory, Vrushali Bokil.  Read more about Jay and his research on his website.

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The Spring 2011 hydrology seminars focus on climate impacts on freshwaters (03/02/2011)

The spring seminar series features a line up of terrific speakers including Dennis Lettenmaier, Robert Hirsch, LeRoy Poff and others.  Download the seminar poster for the complete schedule.  The series is sponsored by the Institute for Water and Watersheds, the USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center, the Water Resources Graduate Program and Hydrologic Engineering, Inc.  Video recordings of each seminar will be available online about a week after each seminar.  Links will be posted on the IWW website and available through OSU Media Manager.

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PhD Student receives NSF Fellowship for Research in China (02/07/2011)

Kara DiFrancesco, a PhD student in Water Resources Engineering , was awarded a fellowship from the National Science Foundation's East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) program.  Kara will be working with The Nature Conservancy and affiliates on evaluating the flexibility of flood management systems in the Yangtze River basin. Kara's thesis advisor is Desiree Tullos. 

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OSU's John Selker Leads an International Undergraduate Field Hydrology Chilean Adventure (02/07/2011)

Dr. John SelkerOregon State University conducted an "International Undergraduate Field Hydrology" course in the environs of Chillán, Chile between January 2nd - 15th, 2011. The course was led by OSU's Dr. John Selker, with additional instruction by OSU research scientists Dr. Majdi Abou Najm, Dr. David Rupp, and Mr. Ryan Stewart. Local expertise was also be provided by Dr. Hamil Uribe, a hydrologist at the Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), and Dr. José Luís Arumí, a professor at the Universidad de Concepción, Chillán. This course was funded by a CUAHSI HydroGeoPhysics Travel Grant and the Hydrologic Sciences Program (NSF) to advance both undergraduate education and the scientific mission of OSU's Chilean project.  

16 students - including representatives from Germany, Chile, and from universities across the US -  participated in the Dr. Selker's course. 

The students all directly participated in geophysical field methods based on observation of seismic resonance, electrical resistivity, and electromagnetic conductivity during the course of several infiltration and evapotranspiration experiments. In addition, the geophysical data acquired during the course significantly advanced our understanding of the site and the underlying hydrologic processes. 

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OSU welcomes Dr. Leon, new faculty member in Water Resources Engineering (01/18/2011)

Dr. Arturo Leon is a new Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University in the area of Water Resources Engineering. Arturo is originally from Peru, where He earned his B.S in Civil Engineering and his M.S. in Hydraulic Engineering. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2007. His areas of research include Real-time control of complex hydraulic systems, transient flows, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling of hydraulic structures. Arturo has developed various mathematical and numerical models, among them the open source code Illinois Transient Model (ITM), the Illinois Hydraulic Conveyance Analysis Program (ICAP), the Street Flooding Model (SFM) and the River Simulation and Optimization Couple Model (RSOCM). The RSOCM model is intended for the intelligent control of complex regulated river systems, such as those that have multiple reservoirs, have multiple objectives and in which the flow dynamics of the system is of particular interest.  Read more about Arturo on his website.

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