WERA 1020, Western Water Resources

WERA 1020, Western Water Resources, is a Western Education/Extension and Research Activity (WERA) Project formed in 2012 as a mechanism to continue efforts and programs previously conducted under the USDA-NIFA Regional Integrated Water Program, which has been discontinued. WERA 1020 integrates water resources research, teaching, and outreach in the western U.S.


WERA 1020 includes representation from the land-grant universities (LGUs) of the 14 western states, insular territories in the Pacific, and 1994 LGUs. Participating LGU’s include: University of Alaska, University of Arizona, University of California, Colorado State University, University of Hawaii, University of Idaho, Montana State University, University of Nevada, New Mexico State University, Oregon State University, South Dakota State University, Utah State University, Washington State University, and University of Wyoming.