Water-related Tutorials, Websites and Databases Developed at OSU


Fact Sheets, White Papers and Maps

(many developed by IWW undergraduate and graduate students)

  • Oregon Water Atlas (2017) - Tens of visually attractive maps of Oregon water features including dams, groundwater, rivers, watershed councils and a variety of related features.  http://oregonwater.info
  • Hydrogeography of Arsenic: Harney County (2015) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Arsenic in Well Water (2015) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Cyanobacterial Harmful Algae Blooms (CHABs) (2013) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Water and Climate in the Pacific Northwest (2012) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Bottled Water in Oregon (2012) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Oregon's Water Markets (2012) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Turning Water into Wine, Efficiently! (2012) - PDF iconView PDF
  • PicoHydro Electric Generators (2012) - PDF iconView PDF
  • Willamette River Water Quality Map (2008) -   PDF iconmap front (PDF)PDF iconmap back (PDF)


Primers on Oregon Water