From Oregon Universities

  • Willamette Water 2100 - a research project on future water supply and demand in the Willamette Basin. Educational resources include:

  • Oregon Explorer - Digital library including maps, reports and other information about the Willamette Basin.

  • Digital Archives from OSU libraries including photos of the 1964 flood in Corvallis and the Pacific Northwest stream survey photo collection.

  • Water quality map - This map highlights water pollution issues in the Willamette River system. It was produced by the Corvallis Environmental Center and the Institute for Water and Watersheds and published in August of 2008. It updates and expands on the Willamette Water Quality Map compiled by the Corvallis Environmental Center in 1997. There are two ways to view the map:

    • Contact IWW for a free copy (postage may apply).
    • Download and print a lower-resolution version of the map as an Adobe PDF file. Please note that the optimal printing size is 24 x 38 inches but it can be printed on smaller paper by choosing the "Fit to Printable Area" choice.
  • Willamette River Basin Atlas - beautiful atlas of maps and natural resources information, prepared in 2002 by the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium.

  • Willamette River Environmental Health - UO student-created database of Willamette River natural resources information.


Other Willamette Basin Initiatives